Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PDA and Stuck up gay bitches at Bardo

While I was in Beirut I decided to go out with some fellow gay friends. I met up with them at Obros on Rue Clemenceau in Hamra. Last time I was in Beirut was 2005 so I was shocked to find my friends (and their boyfriends) involved in PDA (Public Display of Affection). Mind you, Obros doesn't face the street so it's easier to be naughty. However, just five years ago, the gays were more discrete. Of course the Lebanese version of PDA is pretty tame compared to what I've seen and encounter at gay clubs in the US but who knows? Maybe in another five years you'll see a dude giving another dude a hand job! Yay!

Anyway, never go to Obros. This place is populated by annoying Franco-phony Lebs who speak bad Arabic. However, if you are a one of these types, you probably will enjoy this place. I pray for your soul.

Afterwards, I ditched my friends and headed over to this bar my friends told me about, called Bardo, also in Hamra. It opened after my last trip in Beirut, so it was new to me.

I've never seen so many stuck-up queens in my entire life. This bar was filled with "I'm too sexy for my shirt" type gay Lebos. It was worse than any gay bar I've been to in the States. At least in NYC for example, everyone is either too drunk/high out of their minds or having too much fun to even notice you walking in. Bardo had waay too many brooding, beefed up, "I'm trying too hard to be masculine" types for my taste.

However, my Palestinian friend would have loved this place (and the men in it) and would have tried to plop his ass on the cutest guy's dick before the end of the night.

Bardo was annoying and the music was too loud. At least the drinks were nice and stiff. I got bored and left. I walked around Hamra, lost and drunk out of my mind. Of course some ghetto Lebo boys decided to hit on me and I told them to fuck off ("kess emek").

A good gin and tonic makes any night better.

Ya Kleb, I'm back.

It's been a long since I last visited my blog. Sorry! I just came back from Beirut. Typically, Beirut was kinda annoying. The construction everywhere is ridiculous. More stories for you soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

BBC is a little slow: 'Racism' claims at Lebanon beach clubs

I heard about this a long time ago on Now Lebanon. BBC is SOO late. It seems to be like that with a lot of things. Silly Brits. 3anjad, mishmaouleh....

'Racism' claims at Lebanon beach clubs

FYI, a lot of Lebs (and Arabs) are racist towards many people, including other Arabs. I think racism happens everywhere but seriously...if the Lebanese want to be considered civilized, then they should stop at least outlaw discrimination.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Shazz" or "Mithly"

"Shazz" ou "Mithly"? (Translation: Pervert or Same-sex?)

That is the question. Menassat, a site that focuses on news, trends and events in the Middle East recently featured an article on positive and negative terminology used in Arab media in regards to LGBTs. Apparently, some liberal Lebanese media have adopted the term "mithly" which roughly translates to "same person" (from the word, mithl or same) instead of the term "shazz". "Shazz" has a negative connotation similar to the word "pervert" which is never used now in Western media.

The title for the article is hilarious...yet ridiculous.

I did not even know this term existed. Now I'll start using it instead of the crappy term I usually say which is "Loti" reference to Lot, bleh.

Menassat article, tshoof hala2!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beirut, the gay haven in the Arab World?

In Beirut there is definitely a thriving gay culture. The last time I was there I had so much fun...although you cannot be as open with your sexuality in places like NYC or LA it's far more liberal than Syria or Egypt (vomit). It's even possible to have a long term relationship if the conditions are right but most gay people I knew there lived double lives: lying to their families but hanging out and dating the same sex. Anyway, I was forwarded this article on the New York Times about gay life in Beirut:

Beirut, the Provincetown of the Middle East

Read it. It's quite informative. If any of you are Beirut, go to Acid...the (mostly) gay nightclub in Sin il-Fil.

More info on Acid.

Oh by the way, it's easy to get laid in Lebanon, ESPECIALLY if you are gay!

Monday, August 3, 2009

ana fee hon ya3ne I'm back!

Sorry everyone for the long absence. I have been rather busy with my real life! Anyway, a new blog layout with be coming soon along with a new contributor to "hizzy ya la7me". No details yet but I am sure you will find my new contributor just as scandalous as myself!

Merci kteer.

- Madame Mansour

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Filipinos in Lebanon

Interesting article from Now Lebanon on the marginalized Filipino community in Lebanon.

Now Lebanon: Marginalized from the mainstream