Friday, August 7, 2009

"Shazz" or "Mithly"

"Shazz" ou "Mithly"? (Translation: Pervert or Same-sex?)

That is the question. Menassat, a site that focuses on news, trends and events in the Middle East recently featured an article on positive and negative terminology used in Arab media in regards to LGBTs. Apparently, some liberal Lebanese media have adopted the term "mithly" which roughly translates to "same person" (from the word, mithl or same) instead of the term "shazz". "Shazz" has a negative connotation similar to the word "pervert" which is never used now in Western media.

The title for the article is hilarious...yet ridiculous.

I did not even know this term existed. Now I'll start using it instead of the crappy term I usually say which is "Loti" reference to Lot, bleh.

Menassat article, tshoof hala2!

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