Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beirut, the gay haven in the Arab World?

In Beirut there is definitely a thriving gay culture. The last time I was there I had so much fun...although you cannot be as open with your sexuality in places like NYC or LA it's far more liberal than Syria or Egypt (vomit). It's even possible to have a long term relationship if the conditions are right but most gay people I knew there lived double lives: lying to their families but hanging out and dating the same sex. Anyway, I was forwarded this article on the New York Times about gay life in Beirut:

Beirut, the Provincetown of the Middle East

Read it. It's quite informative. If any of you are Beirut, go to Acid...the (mostly) gay nightclub in Sin il-Fil.

More info on Acid.

Oh by the way, it's easy to get laid in Lebanon, ESPECIALLY if you are gay!

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